How can I prepare for a session?

  • Please prepare any questions you have in advance of your appointment.
  • These can relate to: personal relationships, health issues, spiritual matters, life purpose……almost anything.
  • There will be plenty of information waiting to be communicated to you, however asking questions may open doors to other areas and this is more than welcomed in a session.

What happens during a session?

  • No session is exactly identical to another, but certainly there is a theme meaning that you are supported in receiving information to guide you towards better health, emotional stability and relationship healing. Life path/purpose information can also be presented. I will generally “scan” your energy field and be drawn the areas in most need of explanation. I will receive impressions, information and suggestions to support you in your healing process/journey….however that is to look in the long term.  You are welcome to bring any concerns about your physical or emotional health to my attention.
  • The information intuited is intended to encourage self care and healing. Often we are not aware of how our subconscious is affecting our body, but I work to help you better understand your own self conscious process. It all sounds pretty serious, but there are usually a lot of laughs too. It is always an honor to witness a person making the great mind/body/emotion connection and celebrating their progress.
  • I am fully supported in guidance and intuitive exploration and very acute in my assessment of the human energy field, emotions and spiritual issues.
  • What you do with the information given to you will determine the outcome of your journey. It is valuable to review and note key points in the information given to you to reflect on, knowing that is has been given to you with great purpose.

Do you discuss past lives?

  • Yes, past lives will present themselves in certain sessions and for specific reasons.

I feel nervous about having a session/reading, any advice?

  • One word, RELAX. Even I have been known to get nervous when I go for sessions in spite of knowing full well the benefits of this type of work. Sessions can be a lot of fun, even during the most serious of life’s circumstances. 
  • If this is not your typical route in terms of self exploration, simply take a few deep breaths and try to keep an open mind. You may just be surprised at what your experience brings you.

Do you teach grounding techniques?

  • Yes, these are a very valuable and important part of our self care. I currently provide one on one grounding training sessions.

Do you do intuitive readings for children?

  • Yes, these are conducted the same way as adult readings are conducted.

Do you work with animals?

  • No, not at the current time.

Do you work “long distance?”

  • Yes, often. Sessions are available via skype or I can call toll free in CANADA. It is not necessary  to be present “in person” to receive a reading.

Do you record the sessions?

  • Yes. An emailed copy of your session will be sent to you within two weeks of your session.

Where are you located?