~It is truly an honor to be able to write this testimonial for Lisa Fedoriw. Lisa is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and talented people I have ever met…

My story begins when I was desperately in need of help and healing and divine guidance brought me to Lisa. I had suffered three miscarriages in my mid-thirties and felt in my heart that I needed to explore an alternative method to uncover the cause of my miscarriages and obtain help to have a baby. My friend recommended that I seek out a Medical Intuitive and, thank God, I found Lisa.

Lisa took me on a fascinating therapeutic journey that is difficult to express in words. Without any knowledge of who I was and what my medical issues were, Lisa was able to identify my medical needs, look into my past and future and explore my relationships. As an incredibly gifted Intuitive, she saw all of the physical imbalances that needed attention and healing. Lisa was part healer, part miracle-worker, part psychologist and part friend. She was able to suggest a number of remedies in order for me to heal what needed to be healed. Books were recommended, foods added and subtracted, advice given, behaviours suggested. Lisa also gave me energetic healing and gradually, as I followed her guidance, I began to blossom. Not only did my body begin to improve, but so did my relationships and confidence. — These were also some of the hidden blessings and gifts that I had not anticipated as part of my healing and that I was also so grateful for.

During the course of my sessions with Lisa, my doctor finally diagnosed me with a lupus condition that had been tied to my miscarriages. I recalled what Lisa had said in our first session, many months earlier, that I had energetic congestion in my body reflecting such a condition that was making it difficult for me to stay pregnant. Wow, I thought, this was proof of Lisa’s ability as an intuitive. Not that I needed any proof at that point!

After doing the work that needed to be done, I became pregnant again and my OB gave us the wonderful news that at 11 weeks pregnant I only had a two percent chance of miscarrying. We were going to have a baby!

Just six weeks ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Despite my past hardship and sadness, Lisa gave me back the power to heal myself and I am so grateful to her for helping us have a child.

For those of you who are seeking to be healthy and happy, I encourage you to take this leap of faith with Lisa. You will not be disappointed.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa. You have brought so much joy to our lives.

As I finish writing this, I look at the face of our son asleep in his bassinet, his perfect, peaceful, innocent face, and I am filled with awe and wonder. —Josee., B.C.

~Lisa Fedoriw’s work has powerfully and positively impacted my life. She has helped me to understand my own health and illness in meaningful terms, and to understand how my body is impacted by my choices and attitudes. She has made me more clearly aware of many of the interpersonal dynamics in my life, and given me tools to begin healing those that are dysfunctional. Over the past three years that I have been seeing Lisa, due largely to the insight and effectiveness of her work, I have become far healthier in body, mind and spirit. I trust Lisa for accuracy in her readings and appreciate her caring nature. I am grateful for Lisa’s work as a medical intuitive and recommend her to anyone who is seeking greater understanding of themselves and their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.— Fayza B., Vancouver, B.C.

~I first encountered Lisa a few years ago. My wife had gone to see her, with very positive results, and was quite taken with her work. When I went to Lisa for a reading, nothing could have prepared me for the profound depth of that session. She offered insight into present problems, and also problems from my past that I had long ago forgotten. I have since been to a few more sessions, and many of my health problems have lost their hold upon me. That in itself was of tremendous benefit to me, but even more so was the peace of mind, the melting away of worry that accompanied this healing. Years later, the effect of those sessions continue to provide benefit to me. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is seriously concerned with getting to the bottom of health issues, be they of any nature. Lisa can help. —David A., Richmond, B.C.

~Lisa was referred to me by a colleague at a time when I felt helpless about a situation.  Unable to understand the physical symptoms I was experiencing and not given any logical explanation by medical doctors, I was happy to meet with someone who could read my energy – and who could do so in a non-invasive manner!  My readings with Lisa have been filled with useful information and much laughter and I have come away from each one feeling empowered, understood and motivated to be my true Self.  Since I met Lisa two and a half years ago, my life has changed significantly and the joy I feel within has spilled over onto my life as a mother, wife and friend.  I have never been more myself and my body is thanking me for it.
I have recommended Lisa to many family members who have also been pleased with their visits.  It is a great honour to introduce her to the important people in my life and to recommend her to you.  I consider Lisa to be a significant tool in my recovery.  She is a healer and a wonderful person. —T.J., Burnaby, B.C.

~Lisa is a medical intuitive and she changed my life. I have had medical problems for years and the doctors I had seen had give me very little help in dealing with them. I realized that some of the problems might be manifested psychological issues, as the mind body connection is very strong. A mutual friend suggested I try something other than Western medicine and put me in touch with Lisa. I was skeptical, but frustrated enough to try anything. I admit that I find her readings a little unnerving as they are very accurate; she can tell me about difficult situations I have experienced and have buried deeply. Lisa helped me to identify what the issues were by reading my body and my energy. She has helped me learn where the origins of my health problems lie, and I have started healing. Lisa’s readings are genuine. She has an amazing gift and I admire that she is using it to help people heal. —Tammy V., Delta, B.C.