Lisa Fedoriw  ~  Intuitive Medium
Supporting you in your emotional, physical
& spiritual well-being


What Type of Work Do You Do?

I am Clairvoyant (seeing), Clair audient (hearing) and Clairsentient (feeling). I am what would be termed as highly energetically sensitive. During sessions, I intuit information to support you in your emotional, physical and spiritual well being. You may have questions pertaining to personal growth, health issues, relationships, emotional challenges, life purpose, current life circumstances or dreams you are having.

Once an issue is brought to the conscious mind, the blocked energy associated to it, be it in either the emotional, or physical body starts to re-vamp. Our cells gain energy and…we grow.

I interpret dreams via intuition and serve as a medium for those who wish to speak to their friends and relatives on the other side…including pets.

How Did You Become an Intuitive?

Well, let’s just say I found that one out the challenging way, as many Intuitive Healers and energy workers do. I now understand that I always had a strong sixth sense, but I never thought much past that.

A serious illness arrived in my life and forced me to look more closely at myself. I now understand that illness in certain cases can serve as an amazing way to “revamp” the body’s energy field and allow energetic sensitivity to increase.

I also understood that much of what I learned from my own “health related journey” would be used in my work with others. Many people now use alternative practices in managing their overall well being, and there certainly is a growing interest in intuitive healing. My work is not meant to replace the care of any of your health care professionals, but will provide increased self awareness in relation to your body and emotions.

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